What is tribute?

Do you know that buzz right after an amazing concert? … or the disappointment after a not so great one?

Now, for the first time with the Tribute app, you can let your inner music critic out and share your concert highs and lows in an instant as soon as the encore ends. Reviewing concerts is no longer for professional critics only. Now, everyone can join in.

Write your own reviews and rate both the artist and the venue. The artist and the venue will get a total score each based on all previous reviews to indicate how good they are.

Look up ratings and reviews of artists and venues before you buy tickets for a concert, so you know exactly what to expect. Tribute shifts the focus in the music industry and gives the audience the power to support and create awareness around the artists and bands that deliver extraordinary live performances. With Tribute, artists and bands now have direct access to feedback from the audience.

Tribute officially launched at SPOT & NorthSide Festival 2018 and has been available since at selected festivals and concerts including Tinderbox and Haven.

The Team

Team member of Tribute - Concert Reviews


Marketing & Partnerships

Rewan is the music man with the vast network. With a background in music production, he knows the industry in terms of directing the product and in terms of creating interesting collaborations.

Team member of Tribute - Concert Reviews

Christian Lomholt

Product Designer

Christian is the product-shark who makes sure the app is user-friendly, intriguing and good-looking. He’s been a part of several startups which have received investments from major angels like Ron Burkle and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Team member of Tribute - Concert Reviews

Claus Holm


Claus is the tech-savy business man of Tribute. With a background in both business development and music production, he brings wisdom to the table and is the anker of the team.

Team members of Tribute - Concert Reviews